With our innovative cost effective solar facade we offer cheapest acquisition and operation costs due to novel polymer materials and simple installation.
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EnerSearch, a European R&D institute, works with scientists and professionals within a global network to deliver results for renewable energy solutions.

For several years EnerSearch has been involved in the European R&D for the power industry, in the last few years concentrating on Renewable Energy Sources and the integration of distributed generation in the overall electrical grid.

Using a small number of the best scientists and professionals within our global network it is our goal to help our clients succeed in each of their ambitious energy projects.
In doing so, our expertise cover areas from Solar over GreenGas to SmartGrids.

The EU SmartGrid project INTEGRAL was finialized in 2011 and aims to demonstrate a reference solution for the integration and management of large numbers of distributed energy resources in real time.
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We help corporations and municipalities converting their waste to Biomethane.
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