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EnerSearch SmartGrid - results from European R & D

For several years EnerSearch has been involved in the European R&D for the power industry. Among other R&D activities the Commission of the European Union is dealing with the integration of Renewable Energy Sources and Distributed Generation in the overall grid.


The EU SmartGrid project INTEGRAL aims to demonstrate a reference solution for the integration and management of large numbers of distributed energy resources in real time. The project ran for a period of 3,5 years, had a toatl budget of 5,3 M€ and was coordinated by the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) and EnerSearch AB with 9 partners from The Netherlands, France, Greece, Spain and Sweden. The EU funding equals 2,6 M€.

http://www.integral-eu.com/ The partners jointly

•developed an industry-quality reference ICT-platform for Distributed Control in Electricity Grids at aggregated levels in the electric grid, based on commonly available ICT components, standards and platforms

•demonstrated the technology in 3 different field tests under normal, critical and emergency conditions

•evaluated lessons learned and provided practical industrial guidelines for integrated distributed control

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In order to concentrate efforts and to maximise critical mass, activities concerning the integration of Renewable Energy Sources and Distributed Generation in the overall grid have been bundled to a European Cluster of R&D funded by the European Commission. IRED - "Integration of Renewable Energy Sources and Distributed Generation into the European Electricity Grid" was coordinated by the Fraunhofer institute in cooperation with EnerSearch AB.

http://www.ired-cluster.org/ This cluster represented a total budget of about 45 million USD. More than 100 participating institutions from research, industry and the utility sector were contributing to this common activity.

In this R&D cluster and in others EnerSearch transfers knowledge by improving links to relevant research on the European and the international level.

EnerSearch sets up strategic actions such as transnational cooperation on standards, testing procedures and the establishment of common education.

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